Racing Aeolus Den Helder: One of the world’s four largest sustainability races!
From August 18 – 24, 2014 with actual race on August 21 – 23, 2014

Back in the days of ancient Greec history, Odysseus and his crew were forced to sail back to where they came from, namely the isle of Aeolia. That was not their plan. They wanted to sail home, and were right on their way with a comfortable Westwind in their back. This wind was a gift from the God of Winds Aeolus, along with a tightly closed bag that carried all four winds. 
Aeolus had clearly told them to keep the bag closed but they their curiosity took over and, turned against them.  An incredible wind force of nature blew them back to Aeolia. Their final destination was way out of reach now, so the story goes…

chinook 6 by greet ham

Canadian Chinook, who set a new world record in 2013 – Photo Greet Ham

Both Dutch and international teams competing in Racing Aeolus – one of the largest sustainability races in the world – will prove however, that they’ve been much more fortunate. Over time they have been able to race against the wind and, even set a world record!

Seventh time
From August 21 – 23, it will be for the seventh time that student teams from all over the world will make an effort to generate power from the wind and race their hyper modern cars over the unique Dutch sea dyke.

Broers Multiservice from Schagerbrug, The Netherlands - winner of the 2013 edition!

Broers Multiservice from Schagerbrug, The Netherlands – winner of the 2013 edition!

Dyke Den Helder
That dyke is located in the top of North Holland in a beautiful town called Den Helder. It’s the homebase of Royal Naval Marine and innovative offshore industry. What better place to try and reach the races destination and – maybe – set a new world record! One that is now registered in the name of Danish Technical University Team.

ustainability race
In the whole world, there are only four large sustainability races: The World Solar Challenge in Australia, The Dong Energy Solar Challenge Boot Race in Friesland (Holland), The Shell Eco Marathon in Delft (for cars on fossile fuels, also in Holland) and last but not least The Racing Aeolus in Den Helder. The first race took place in 2008. The next two editions took place in Denmark due to organisational and financial reasons. Since then however, Den Helder is again the place to be.

Be welcome and feel free to ask question! Let’s sail against the wind!



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