HAVAS, Alkmaar – The Netherlands


The Hogeschool Inholland Alkmaar will participate under the name HAVAS Racing Team with the TurboTwin, a mechanical wind powered vehicle that belonged to Team Broers.

Originally, they would race with a newly build car. However, just a few days before this race, problems with the car prevented them from using it. They were of course very disappointed and, it seemed the team from Alkmaar would not be able to compete at all. But, the Broers-family willingly allowed them to race with the Turbo Twin!

Gerard Broers was the original owner who raced with this car in 2013. Multi service Team Broers won the race!. A year later, due to a tragic accident, he passed away. His son raced the TurboTwin in memory of his father in 2014. It seemed the car would not race anymore, until now…

HAVAS Racing Team has four team members.
Team captain is Youri Nieuwenhuizen

Last year, the son of Gerard Broers raced with the Turbo Twin. This year, HAVAS Racing Team will participate in the race with this vehicle.