Wind from Den Helder Works!

location-1Rumor has it that there’s no where so much wind as in this Dutch city Den Helder. Well, we couldn’t be more happy since that is exactly what the contestants need during the Racing Aeolus on the 5,3 km long sea dyke! Starting point of the race is at the height of what is called ‘Schapedijkje’.

Den Helder as location
makes sense
Wind and technology is a logical combination in naval- and offshore city Den Helder. It’s rapidly specialising itself into the knowlegde innovative Port of Den Helder in the area of maritime maintenance and logistics. It’s already the leading offshore harbour for oil and gas in the area of operations and maintenance. Port of Den Helder has all that it takes to be the leading offshore harbour for wind energy as well.WEE-2012-05

Quality increased
In this area, a 5,3 kilometres long sea dyke will challenge the contestants to start well prepared. Over the years, we’ve seen the quality increased big time! For example, in one of the first races, a bicycle repairer’s help was called for when students ran into problems with their cars. Now they need electrical engineers!