Do you wish to participate in Racing Aeolus? Here you’ll find all the information on the regulations, updated as per 2017. Please read it carefully. Contact us if you have any questions.

Rules May 2017Racing_Aeolus_rules-v17.3
Checklist 2017 –  Racing_Aeolus_inspection_checklist_v17.3
Background information on ROPS (Rotor Overspeed Protection System) : About_the_ROPS
Background information on : rotor_RPM_after_drive_train_failure

Note for teams: As for arrival: the fee teams pay for participation in the race, includes food and stay as per Tuesday, August 22 afternoon until after breakfast on Sunday, August 27, 2017 at Hotel Den Helder, Marsdiepstraat 2A 1784 AP Den Helder.
Phone: +31 (0) 223 618 172.

Due to other commitments of Hotel Den Helder arrival earlier then on Tuesday is not possible!