On the first day of Racing Aeolus: new world record by Canadian Chinook!

On the first day of Racing Aeolus, the Canadian team Chinook ETS set a great new world record with an efficiency of 102,45%. The previous record is in the name of the Danish team DTU and measured 101,76%.

We were alle very excited when Chinook rode the new winners race yesterday, but wrongly assumed the ratio was 122,93%.

Yesterday evening, after going through the calculations, we unfortunately found out that one of the wind speed measurement systems had not been working properly between 12.00 – 13.30 hr. This had it’s effect in the average wind speed and therefore on the final result of this race.

This issue is solved, the teams have been informed and they are ready today for the new rounds of racing against the wind.

We’re still excited about the new world record and congratulate Chinook again with this great result. And good luck in these next two days on perhaps improving it!

Take a look at all the pictures of this first day on our facebook page